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Silver Strikers petitions Sulom

Silver Strikers Football Club has Petitioned Super League of Malawi (Sulom) Executive Committee to cancel any Disciplinary Hearing against the Team and Coach Peter De Jongh.

Silver Strikers argues that such Disciplinary Hearing is premature and premeditated and the same borders on hate, malice, biasness, discrimination, irregularities and maladministration.

Silver Strikers Football club has filed a 6 page petition where it has argued that so far it has not received any statements of complaint from anybody on the matter and so far there are no written reports on the incident.

The Club says it was supposed to receive reports from Match Commissioner, Match Coordinator, Malawi Police Service, Coordinator of Stewards, Sulom-in-charge of the Game Officer, The Referee and Chitipa United including Statements of Complaint and Affidavits 72 hours before any hearing on the alleged football match between Silver Strikers Football Club and Chitipa United on 1st July, 2023.

To date no written report has been sent to Silver Strikers Football Club. This is against Article 36 of the Constitution of Super League of Malawi which states that a notice of Disciplinary Hearing shall be sent to a team 72 hours before hearing and such notice shall include all details including all the evidence available and list of witnesses.

Silver Strikers Football Club has also submitted that there are many prior and previous disciplinary cases in the 2023 Football Super League Season which have not been heard and SULOM cannot prioritise a case where Peter De Jongh is alleged to have simply run into a football field.

Examples include a serious case where coaches from Mighty Mukuru Wanderers and Mighty Tigers are alleged to have physically fought during a football match and in front of people.

SULOM has never attended to this matter. In another incident, Nyasa Big Bullets is alleged to have brought a game of football into disrepute at Karonga Stadium by entering into the stadium using the reverse mode of the bus.

SULOM has never done anything on this matter. Instead SULOM is rushing and pushing to hear Silver Strikers matters, ignoring all old and previous cases. This violates SULOM Constitution which promotes equality, equal treatment, fair play, impartiality and non-discrimination. SULOM must start with old cases and later attend to new ones.

Other cases include alleged violence and beating of Bangwe Players in Karonga during the match between Karonga United and Bangwe All Stars. Alleged matters of violence where Chitipa United was a victim in Dwangwa during a Football match involving MAFCO and Chitipa United.

Alleged issue of violence in Mzuzu at Mzuzu Stadium during the football match involving Ekwendeni Hammers and MAFCO. One wonders why a simple matter of somebody running into a football field at the end of the match is being rushed and pushed when more serious matters need to be prioritised as they happened much earlier.

Silver Strikers Football Club has also submitted that Secretary General SULOM already spoke to Daily Times Newspaper sports page on 3rd July, 2023 that Peter De Jongh had committed a misconduct by simply running into a football field.

Therefore such disciplinary hearing will become a sham and window dressing as there are premeditated statements from SULOM Executive that Peter De Jongh is wrong.

Silver Strikers Football says old behaviors from the old SULOM leadership are resurfacing contrary to what the new President of SULOM has promised to “Revive, Reform, Rebrand.”

The old SULOM leadership became unpopular because of same issues of biasness and discrimination. Malawians became tired and wanted better treatment and equal treatment of teams and stakeholders.

Football in Malawi cannot be revived if the SULOM Constitution is being violated. Football in Malawi cannot be reformed when some teams are protected when it comes to Disciplinary cases.

Football in Malawi cannot be rebranded if SULOM Executive promotes inequality, unequal treatment, non-fair play, partiality and blatant discrimination.

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