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OPINION: A bunch of ‘sinners’ marching against same sex marriages

By Chancy Mtambo, Facebook

The Bible according to my reading has no passage that categorizes sins. I am not sure about the Quran.

“He who said thou shalt not kill also said thou shalt not steal”… simple terms, if you break one you break all!

Today we witnessed liars, fornicators, thieves etc. marching against the sin of homosexuality, something done by two consenting adults behind doors.

Talk of holier than thou…It baffles my reasoning where the church found the moral high ground to judge these perverts! The church is supposed to be the sanctuary for sinners by the way..

In wrapping up I have this to say: I have a few pigs at my small farm at Nanjiri and am also keeping dogs for security!

I have been observing them for a while and none of them does it with a member of the same sex! It’s male to female.

So if any man decides to live below a pig and a dog, it becomes none of my business because they have already debased themselves beyond redemption!

Next time the church better censure itself!

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