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SPC Zamba summons Commissioner Kalimanjira from Immigration Department

Secretary to President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba has summoned Commissioner Stanlake Kalimanjira from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Nation online reports.

Kalimanjira has come into the limelight after writing the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) levelling 15 administrative misconduct allegations against Director General Charles Kalumo.

The letter, under reference number IM/02/01 dated July 7 202/3/, says he authored it “on behalf of the concerned officers’.

In a brief interview with Nation Online, Kalimanjira confirmed being summoned by the SPC and he will attend, but does not know the agenda.

“Indeed I was summoned yesterday to meet the SPC this morning but the agenda was not spelt to me. I will attend the meeting,” said Kalimanjira as quoted by Nation Online

Kalumo who is a retired Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier was appointed as head of the Immigration Department in 2022 by President Lazarus Chakwera.

Since his appointment, there have been complaints from workers over his conduct. Recently, he redeployed several senior officers at the Department of Immigration.

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  1. Brigadier General Charles Kalumo (retired )the new Director General of Immigration and Citizenship services department has brought discipline and good work ethics and efficiency and effectiveness and good time management and has sealed all loopholes that the lazy and corrupt officers were using to demand money and kickbacks at the most corrupt institution in Malawi second to Malawi Revenue Authority. General Kalumo is a senior military officer of high integrity and moral ethics and he doesn’t take nonsense and a man of high military discipline.
    These disgruntled officers are finding it hard to steal money and General Kalumo is just a scapegoat of poor discipline and corrupt practices at the institution.
    This new leadership has cleared the rot and rubble at the institution. There is no katangale hence the cries and flimsy accusations.
    Even if they conduct an investigation they will find nothing wrong with the conduct and management by General Kalumo.
    These are crying babies and there is new regime that will bring efficiency and effectiveness and good time management and end corrupt practices in this government institution.
    Bravo General Kalumo the government must support his new leadership in order to bring good officers only and stop the corruption which is denying Malawi good public services around the country.


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