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CHIHANA TAKES FEDERALISM GOSPEL TO LHOMWE BELT… preaches unity, national building

After pitching his federal system of government to Nchalo over the weekend, President of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) on Tuesday invaded Lhomwe belt with a message of unity, federalism, better economy and labour Unionism.

Speaking at Bvumbwe Research Station Ground in Thyolo district, Chihana said time has come for Malawians to bury their political differences and join his team in healing and recovering the economy of the country.

“AFORD is running for unity and we are uniting this county by bringing people together from villages to the top and that the North or Centre must not only seek good for itself but understand that its aspirations are served well when good comes from South or East as well. That is how a nation is built. “

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“We are not part to a system of government that promises to curb corruption but it does it worse. We are not part to a government that preaches against nepotism but all of a sudden they have become igniters of divisions in the country hence AFORD is not part of that vehicle because we believe in “one Malawi,  one Nation” said Chihana

He then appealed to Malawians not to entertain any leader who wants to divide the country just for their political gains.

On federal system of government, Chihana emphasized that it is only vehicle that will bring meaningful development to the people because decentralization is not on seen being done but the development is being felt as leaders are no longer at the mercy of the Central Government.

He later talked of his philosophy of ending food insecurity, fuel scarcity, fertilizer scandals and forex scarcity in the country withi100 days of his leadership after winning the 2025 tripartite polls.

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