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Malawi Govt orders deportation of Rwandese national Sylvestre Bizimana

Zikhale Ng’oma ordered deportation of a Rwandese national Sylvestre Bizimana

Minister of Homeland Security Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma has ordered deportation of a Rwandese national Sylvestre Bizimana.

According to Ng’oma, Bizimana is suspected to have been operating illegal businesses in the country as evidenced by the recent seizure of his containers by police at Mgona Market in Lilongwe.

Ng’oma said that Bizimana is also suspected to be involved in a money laundering cartel which led to his recent arrest, saying that the person in question poses a threat to the country’s security, hence ordering for his deportation.

He further disclosed that Bizimana is expected to leave the country today, saying that the flight and all the requirements for his deportation are set.

The Homeland Security Minister further said that Bizimana is alleged to have obtained the Malawian Citizenship in a dubious way.

“The record shows that the Rwandese in question did not stay in the country continuously for 7 years as a lawful resident and that he used citizenship reference number 69314 which belonged to a Burundi national Mr Vincent Ngedanayo Kanyoni instead of having his own file,” said Ng’oma.

Bizimana who is a Rwandese national by birth and was a Malawian national by naturalisation.

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