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MCP Diaspora Network ready to exchange skills

Chairperson of Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network (MCPDN) Chalo Mvula

The Chairperson of Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network (MCPDN) Chalo Mvula says Malawians living outside the country are eager to work with government in offering skills exchange in a number of key area such as education, agriculture and health.

He said the demographic spread of the Malawi diaspora offers great opportunity for Tourism Ambassadorship through word of mouth to encourage people to visit Malawi.

“Others are keen to work with government to provide channels for export of trade goods and human capital for employment.

“The diaspora has links to potential foreign direct investments and many in the diaspora are also looking for ways on how they can invest back home,” he said.

He further argued that since the Diaspora engagement policy was adopted by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, there has been less significant progress in the government-diaspora relationship.

He has since called on the government including the private sector to fully maximize the potential that is available from Malawians living in the diaspora to help engineer changes in the economic and development fortunes of the country.

Mvula said, his group MCPDN has been keen to see this diaspora/government relationship thrive although more work still needs to be done.

“As Malawi Congress Party Diaspora network, we are doing our part, engaging various ministers and departments. We have also had opportunity to present our case to the President” said Mvula.

He applauded President Lazarus Chakwera for assenting the dual citizenship bill which will also be key in strengthening this diaspora relationship.

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