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Please send me back my song- Strongingo

Malawian singer who was known as Strongingo but now rebranded to Cassim Ibrahim has appealed to those who have his old songs to send him back.

Speaking to this publication, the musician has confirmed that he deleted all songs bearing the Cassim Ibrahim when he switched his trademark to Strongingo.

“People knew me in the industry as Cassim Ibrahim about a decade ago, then I rebranded to Strongingo before making a U-turn earlier this year.”

“When I changed my Identity to Strongingo, I wanted to change everything about me thus I deleted all the songs.”

Ibrahim also said he regrets removing the songs which has his government name, thus he wants people to help.

“Imagine the pain of not having your own songs. How will I convince my grandchildren that I got into the limelight as Cassim Ibrahim,” he said

The music is famed for zimawapweteka, a 2017 hit which remains a TikTok sensation.

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