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Bwana President, the ‘pangolin’ you love most Martha Chizuma will soon cost your Presidency

By Gracian Tiuze Lungu, MCP Loyalist

Your loves for Martha Chizuma, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director, will no sooner than later cost your Presidency and leave Malawi Congress Party-MCP loyalists hands akimbo and mouth agape

1. In that clip, she made a confession and skepticism in your will to fight corruption. Very sad.

2. In that clip she clearly questioned your integrity towards the fight for corruption, very sad again.

3. Many times she has made it clear that she will firstly deal with the current corruption, leaving the Democratic Progressive Party-DPP  mafias freely yet even our unborn babies in our testicles and ovaries know how stupid and rampant corruption was under DPP, I say very very sad again.

4. This pangolin you love most created a very hostile environment in the fight for corruption to the extent that even the courts she claimed to be full of corrupt judges lost trust in her. This will surely have a negative impact in this fight for corruption as no one will really be open to help her as she’s now alone in this fight, very very sad.

5. This current ACB under her watch has created a very bad perception that the current government you are presiding over is too corrupt as compared to Mutharika’s reign, Very much sad.

6. Bwana! The corruption perception out here created by ACB will cost your donor confidence and soon, I mean soon, will lead to the loss of donor support.

7. Our President! The bad picture of corruption under your reign this ACB has painted has a very very bad political perception. This will automatically leave our MCP in the opposition benches come 2025 if these affairs remain the way they are.

8. Our dearest president! I repeat to say that this is a political government and its MCP government, unless someone, a capable MCP blood guy who knows momwe kumawawira ku opposition takes up that position, your wish for a corrupt free society will be a rhetoric one.

9. Bwana President! I say to you in my crying mood, your resolve in replacing Steve Kayuni only leaving this pangolin, will yield nothing in this fight for corruption because even the new DPP will always work under a fearful work environment.

10. The Only Brave SPC without Office who is also The Shadow MCP MP for Dowa Central Constituency feels sorry for you. Your name will always be subjected to many insults because some of your appointees are serpents under a beautiful flower. Doing things in their own way, not in any way closer to our MCP manifesto.

At the end, we will all lose. Koma Bwana, ku opposition kuja ndi kumanda. Chonde tisadzabwelerekonso.

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