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Mr. President, Please feel free to appoint another family cabinet

By Sembe Gondwe

File: Chakwera chairing a cabinet meeting at State House

The cabinet is the senior decision-making body of the President. The President needs the support of the cabinet to survive.

We, Malawians, through the constitution, gave powers to the President to choose his own cabinet to assist him and henceforth survive.

BUT when the President chooses his cabinet why do we, Malawians, have too much to say, “Eeeeh wasankha munthu ndi mkazi wake….eeeeh wasankha munthu ndi mlamu wake….eeeeh wasankha abanja limodzi!!! What nonsense! So, where is the prerogative?


Prerogative powers are the ones we gave the President to choose his own cabinet through the constitution.

Prerogative powers are those which are at the autonomous disposal of the head of state, and which do not require sanction by a legislature. Wakumava wamva


Having said that, Malawians, why do you poke your noses into Chakwera’s cabinet? Malawians, you are too nosey!! Leave the President alone with his cabinet. He chose one in 2020, whether it is helping him or ikumupitisa kuphompho it’s up to him.

Remember what I have said above, “The President needs the support of the cabinet to survive” and what? It is his prerogative to choose a cabinet. We gave him those powers.

The President can choose 20 ministers all from MCP or UTM or diaspora it’s his prerogative as long as they help him to survive and develop our country.

Kamuzu Banda

Same country, how did Kamuzu Banda manage the country with 13 ministers and then 15? The policy of appeasement is what is killing our leaders in multiparty democracy.

Mr. President! You can have less than 20 ministers to help you survive and build Malawi. Appease your henchmen in 2025. Zinthu sizilibwino! Bwana, Kamuzu survived because he had powerful Principal Secretaries.

Kamuzu knew who to keep and where he had Geraint Richards PS Works who doubled as CCDC Executive Chairman, then there was Rodger King and finally, Charles Clark and Malawians who took over from Clark, Mvula, and Nyasulu were very powerful guys.

Effective People like Jafu, SPC, Malange, Makuta, Pwele, Kamisa, Munlo , Geff Shaba just to mention but a few.

Sir! Don’t trust these men and women obela mayesowa ayi, okondeledwawa and you call them ma PS.

In government, we have some people who have risen through the ranks. They are good. Some are Directors, make them Principal Secretaries, they understand the MPSL osati Some of these people you have in government. Angoba basi. No passion for their country

Message to President Chakwera

I like Eisenhower Nduwa Mkaka. He changed the face of Malawi Congress Paty (MCP).

Don’t overburden Mkaka with Foreign Affairs ministry, Natural Resources, Trade etc…make him Minister without Portfolio or Minister At large.

We have had these portfolios before. You want to survive and at the same time develop Malawi

Mr. President, you have 2 years to develop Malawi and 2 years to make MCP strong to win elections. You need Mkaka to enjoy his ministerial benefits and then as SG concentrate on building MCP. He deserves his MG 3 0r 4 it’s up to you Sir.


Mr. President, the onus is yours. Choose a cabinet that will make you survive and develop Malawi. It is your prerogative given to you by Malawians through the constitution.

Malawians, stop being nosey!! Leave the President alone. Leave his cabinet alone. Akagwe okha! Osati akanayika ujeni, ujeni, manyi vichi, manyi vichi assssaaaaa zazii.

Feel free your Excellency Sir! Choose a cabinet that will help you. Don’t worry about these “flight by night insects” …they only look nice usiku …thwani thwani and masana athima.

We want you and your cabinet to develop Malawi. We want our day-to-day cost of living to change otherwise see you in 2025.


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