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Nankhumwa troops happy with Unity in DPP

…good for check and balances, analysts

FILE: Mutharika and Nankhumwa during Mangochi rally

Barely three weeks after Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament who is also the Party’s Vice President of the South Kondwani Nankhumwa embraced during a rally in Mangochi, troops belonging to the later say the attained unity must be sustained and cherished as it is the only way DPP can bounce back into government in 2025.

Ralph Jooma and Mark Botomani, who were both in the Nankhumwa camp at the summit of infightings in the party, told a rally in Zomba over the weekend that all supporters must work towards sustaining the unity and stability in the party among others, recognizing and supporting Mutharika as party leader until convention where is expected to step down.

“The party is one and intact. There are no longer divisions in the party and our president is still professor Arthur Peter Mutharika,” said Botomani who is parliamentarian for Zomba Chisi.

While concurring with Botomani, Jooma, MP for Mangochi Monkey Bay, the party has resolved its differences and that it ready to go back into government come 2025.

Meanwhile, Political analysts in country have hailed the sanity in DPP that it will help to provide checks and balances to the current governing MCP in Parliament and speak with one voice on matters of national interest.

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