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‘Jesus was likely born in March’

By KN Jacob, Preacher

When Jesus was born, the shepherds were out at night in the fields (Luke 2:8) – because it was the lambing season – when sheep give birth to lambs. Lambing used to happen in spring.

According to rabbinic writings, the lambs from the hills of Bethlehem were used as the sacrificial lambs for the temple. The Lamb of God was also born in Bethlehem during the lambing season.

The Passover lambs had to be one year old (Ex 12:5) – which implies they were born March/April the previous year.

Jesus died during the Passover, and in all likelihood, He was born the same season because what the Jews did under the Old Covenant was a foreshadow of the Lamb of God.

And we also know that God speaks through nature – He established seasons (Gen 8:22). Spring marks new birth and new beginnings. The birth of Christ marked new beginnings – even in our calendars.

Under the Old Covenant, days and dates were important. But in the New Covenant – what matters is whether Jesus is born in you – not days and dates (Col 2:16-17).

That’s why I celebrate Christmas on 25th December like millions of Christians around the world. Merry Christmas.

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