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Dear Steve or Steven Kayuni,



Steve or Steven Kayuni, whichever it is, I am writing to you.

In the middle of darkness, you mobilized your gang of uncivilised and unprofessional policemen and women and sent them to the house of my favourite person. In a brutal and embarrassing fashion, your heavily-armed gang flushed my Martha out of her bedroom as if she were some notorious criminal.

At your instructions, or, at least, on the basis of your sham of a complaint, those brutes of yours mistreated my person in the most degrading manner for someone of her caliber. You left Martha feeling the loneliest and most helpless in the middle of the night. In her own home country, in the 28th year of our democracy, you made this happen. Her three little boys now remain with the lifetime trauma of seeing their single parent being dragged out of the home by angry armed police mercenaries in the middle of the night like a war-crime fugitive.

Like Apartheid police did to Julius Malema’s mother back then, your boys and girls did it to my Martha today.

All this just because the Anti-Corruption Bureau was in the final stages of investigating a complaint from your own office alleging that you accumulated more night allowances in a year than the number of years in that year. You did not want to be investigated for a potential wrong-doing and yet you have been prosecuting others for even less serious conducts. Very strange.

Now, listen boy. And listen good.

I have accepted your declaration of war against me on behalf of Martha Chizuma. Because of her unshakeable stance against corruption, Martha is a person I vowed to protect and stand by, even if that means taking a bullet or two for her. Even in the heaviest of political storms, I shall stand with that girl, because I hate corruption. My position on Martha is not negotiable. A slap on her face is a kick onto my testicles. It cannot go unpunished. She is my pangolin and a priority to me.

This war, therefore, will be fought with bare knuckles. And I will fight to the finish line.

From yesterday, upon seeing a tear shinning in the eyes of Martha in the dusty cell of Namitete Police station, I set myself on a mission to search for the opportunity of legal or political power to inflict a revenge on you. I am sure, one day, this will happen. If I can’t get this done, I will die trying. And, if so, I will ask my children to carry on the mission until it is delivered upon.

Wayamba savage ayse. Za uloya tisiya pambali. Iyiyi sidzatha mpakana ndidzabwenzere, in a like manner. Wayamba mwana wamasiye, okula movutika. Ndewu yake simatha. I take it very personal that you schemed a plot against Martha in that manner. I take it very very personal. Kaya ndi kuphedi tigwetserana.

Please, take note. And since you unfriended me on Facebook and in real life, I hope someone passes this message to you kuti udzikhala ukudziwa.

No matter how long it takes, ndidzabwenzera, because you made me suffer seeing and hearing how Martha had been, and was being, treated at the hands of uniformed rafians.

May we both be blessed with long lives so you may live to feel the pain of revenge coming long in time as a consequence of your abuse of power.

Silvester Ayuba James.
Anthu awa apwetekana

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