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Mr President, the whole U$6.8billion grant is nothing but a scam…Stop embarrassing yourself

By Fryson Chodzi

We are sick and tired as a people when you are busy making our president a joke and a subject of ridicule and mockery.

The Government is machinery and the Presidency must be accorded the highest level of dignity.

It’s not fair at all that the whole President would be made to preside over a function, make a flowery powerful English speech on an entire project which is scam.

This whole $6.8billion grant is nothing but a scam. Even a kindergarten kid who knows simple Google would make an easy conclusion of the fact.

Am not part of the people who says let’s wait and see. This deal is not even worth the paper it was signed for.

Mr President, it’s time you stop yourself the embarrassment and kick out everyone who has embarrassed you so far. Imagine the following;

-Buying fertilizer at a butchery

– Giving a 9 months old company a Sovereign Guarantee of $170m without proper due diligence
-imagine wanting to give ‘Chief’ US$20m of oil money

– imagine wanting middle men in a straight forward government to government deal

– imagine being lied to that the government will recover US$350billion from rubies

The list is long and endless and now we have this lie.

If President Lazarus Chakwera doesn’t act on this shameful display of ignorance on the part of the people that are bringing these deceitful acts, maybe he is in the wrong job and not fit at all to be where he is.

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  1. You call this agreement a scam? Have you thoroughly checked what Bridgin Foundation has done in countries like Nigeria,Zambia, and Uganda? We know you’re agents of DPP, the party that doesn’t want Chakwera to develop Malawi for fear of not having a chance to come back to power, but you will fail. You are not happy that such deals are happening, you want the country to suffer. BAD PEOPLE.


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