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When booing Chakwera is getting loud, aloud and around the country


The time when Chakwera was heading off to Egypt with 250 of his hand clappers, straight after coming back from Kenya, USA and Dubai where he had gone with lots of his hand clappers as well, he was passing through BT and people booed him.

You could hear the people saying:

Wakubaaaa! Wakuba!!!

Zitsilu inu!

Wakuba means, thief and Zitsilu means, stupid people.

That is Chewa language.

At the moment Chakwera’s government is rated as the most corrupt and shambolic government ever in Malawi. It is dominated by Chakwera’s family and people from his Chewa tribe.

Chakwera came to power in June 2020 after winning hi5 judgement sanctioned elections. The hi5 judgement is a court made law. 5 judges (hi5 judges) conjured it up to specifically topple a constitutionally/democratically elected DPP government.

Chakwera calls the hi5 judges 5 RIGHTEOUS JUDGES.

Since he came into government, there have been efforts to force the hi5 judgement into the country’s laws to legitimise the court coup. At the moment, MCP has drafted a constitutional amendment law by which they are asking their MPs to “cement” the hi5 judgement. Whatever that means and however that is going to work is another level of stupidity the country is going to reach.

Why talk about the hi5 judgement when we are talking about the booing Chakwera is getting around the country?

The corruption and the shambolic systems and approaches of the Chakwera government is all down to the hi5 judgement. It is its DNA signature. It has corrupted the court systems and consciousness. It has corrupted political, civil society, religious and social systems etc.

The people booing Chakwera are speaking from a position of deep pain the country is going through.

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