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Let Chakwera go and enjoy his retirement

By Sankhukanu Sam

CHAKWERA: Admits Malawians are suffering

Vote for Dr. Chakwera:

  • He is trying to solve fuel crisis, well we didn’t even have fuel crisis before he came.
  • He is trying to make AIP successful this year, well we have had successful AIP programs all along

-He is trying to bring in Forex – well we had a 6 months Forex cover before he came

  • He will fight to lower the inflation – I see, but he found already lower inflation in the country.
  • He will initiate infrastructural developments – we have had infrastructural developments since time immemorial, that he must do.
  • He will try to end hunger in Malawi – when he was taking over in 2020 malawians were not suffering from hunger.

Solving a problem you created is not success, it is a sign of cluelessness. Such a leader deserves not a second of your time. Let them go and enjoy their retirement.

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