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MCP Members goof in Foreign Service Officers interviews, Civil Service Commission ordered to cancel results

The MCP top brass has directed the Civil Service Commission to cancel the results of Foreign Service Officers interviews which were almost complete because those who have passed the interviews are not MCP members.

The Foreign Service Officer post is from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the interview process started earlier this year in order to recruit more than 30 Officers. At a stage when the process was about to complete, the MCP gurus have interfered after realising that most of the people that performed well are not their members. 

Despite the Civil Service being independent this has succeeded because of the new PS for Civil Service Ms. Irene Chikapa who was recruited on this position to make sure that only MCP or people from the central region are recruited. She succeeded Mr. James Ali who refused to run this MCP dirty agenda.

It is alleged that the new PS connived with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms. Nancy Tembo and her PS Mr. Bernard Sande who both have friends and relatives lined up  to take the Foreign Service positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In their conspiracy they agreed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should  write the Civil Service Commission ( which they already did)  instructing it to jolt the interview  process and lie that Government has  no money to continue with the activity.  When this is done the plan is that the Civil Service Commission will start the recruit process all over again by placing an advert where the MCP preferences  will be shortlisted, interviewed and taken  for this job.  Surprisingly, it seems Government does not have money for this activity only because the Civil Service is still conducting interviews and recruiting people in other Ministries.

In addition, PS Irene Chikapa is working with a few greedy Civil Service Commissioners who are MCP die hards and some whose contracts will expire this year in exchange with renewing their contracts.  These bought/ corrupt Commissioners will be exposed soon.  However, there are still some Commissioners who have refused to do this dirty work and have been blacklisted by the PS.

These Foreign Service Officers are the ones that are at a later stage sent to Malawi Embassies abroad to represent Malawi.  Recently, Ambassadors representing Malawi abroad have decried the callibre of people that the MCP Government has sent to work in Malawi Embassies abroad  saying that most of them are childish and incompetent.

Sources from  both the Ministry  of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Service Commission are ready to spill all the  dirty work that the MCP Government is conspiring  to ACB and the media if their safety is guaranteed.

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