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Mtukula Pakhomo changes lives of many people in Mulanje

Rose Kabanga: We link them to interventions that will foster their resilience to poverty and other inequalities

Some of the beneficiaries in the Social Cash Transfer Program in Mulanje district have commended the program and admits it has transformed their lives.

The beneficiaries told a group of journalists who visited them to appreciate the program in transforming their lives .

The beneficiaries said since the introduction of the program in 2014 they have managed to make significant progress in their daily lives.

Estere Nogwe of Chipoka village, Traditional Authoritity Mabuka said the program had helped her to educate her seven children of which 4 have completed secondary education in addition to building a house.

One of the beneficiaries

Nongwe said that she used part of the money she received for consumption as well as investing and construction.

She said, while she was struggling with fees for the children in school, she was also buying materials for her house at the same time managed to buy goats

“If it were not for mtukula pakhomo, I would be in trouble as my husband cannot work due to his health status,” said Nogwe

Mary Sululu of Misomali village in Traditional Authoritity Tombodia said that life as a widow living with orphans was tough until she was enrolled in the program.

Project bearing fruits

“With the little I got, I joined a savings and loans group where the returns enabled me to Support my household. I also got goats which have multiplied to eight but I sold two last year to get fertilizer,” she said.

Another beneficiary is a group of women called Chitsanzo bakery from Mpuphira Village,T/A Nkanda.

This group bake bread,which they sale in the community.

According to one member,Sheila Mapira the group is comprised of 25 women and that they make money up to K150,000 weekly from the bread.

Kutukula pakhomo through baking

“Since we established this group life has been smoothly because we also borrow each other the money we make. Some are able to pay school fees to their children from the same business,”she said.

United Purpose under the project Social Support for Resilience (sosure) works with beneficiaries of the program with interventions that will promote their well being and independence according to Rose Kabanga, the project manager.

“We believe that what they get monthly is not enough that is why we link them to interventions or support that will foster their resilience to poverty and other inequalities,” she said.

Government is implementing the social cash transfer program in conjunction with other partners like the European Union who are funding the Mulanje program.

One of the proud beneficiaries

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