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Leave the Lhomwe people alone!


Mulhako wa Alhomwe is the only cultural event that enjoys unsanctioned opinions:

Humphrey Mvula, Khumbo Hastings Kachali, Maureen Chirwa etc, all of them think that they have something wise to tell the Alhomwe people on how and when they should run their cultural event.

It is very strange.

They are tribalism diehards themselves but day and night they accuse Lomwe people for this and that and now Khumbo wants a Lomwe to invite Chakwera despite austerity measures by government. All at a sudden, Maureen Chirwa thinks that there is cholera, the Lomwe people should postpone their event…

Leave the Lomwe people alone for crying out loud. They have a beautiful culture and they have contributed to the good and progress a great deal. Let us celebrate with them instead of kuchulukitsa nzeru

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