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Lhomwe people must approach their cultural festival with the pride it deserves


The Lomwe people must approach their cultural festival with the pride that it deserves. Their’s is one unique and powerful cultural event in Malawi.

It is hard sometimes to see and be proud of who you are when you are under constant attacks and being analysed all the time. Instead of looking out at the event to appreciate and learn things about the Lomwe, people that have just come back from their own cultural events think that they have got better ideas on how Lomwes must do things. … that’s rubbish!

The other day I praised the grouping for helping Malawi save 53 million kwacha by not inviting Chakwera. Two guys came on my post and told me that, I shouldn’t think that all Lomwes were DPP. In other words, they feel bad that the grouping will be thought of as DPP for not inviting Chakwera. They are oblivious to the good that comes with saving 53 million that Chakwera would have wasted.

My suggestion to the Lomwe people is not to feel guilty or bad or blame themselves for anything. Trying to conform to the political rhetoric makes them slow and weak and can never stop the attacks. The attacks in themselves are political capital for others that must not be yielded to.

So yes, even though Lomwe children are under investigation for doing well in school; Martha Chizuma and NGOs have them in their radar, Lomwes can celebrate the achievement. Not long time ago they were told that they were tenants etc. Now this is great.

The fact that Bingu and APM, two great Malawian presidents have come from their grouping is worth celebrating. They both served us very well with integrity. Don’t feel guilty celebrating that. It is not tribalism, it is empowering. It is okay if more Lomwes are inspired.

People like Thom Mpinganjira must be celebrated. Despite being persecuted, they serve their country with their talents well. They employ people from all corners of the country. They give to sports and other forms of charity. The netball national team, as controversial the team mix is, he gives without regard of those things.

Being a Lomwe and a Malawian is a very good thing. It needs no apology but to be celebrated.

Show us the culture but also celebrate business, educational, political and development achievements.

Note: The picture of the queen is only included because of the pink and the ambient mood after her passing. Also there’s this quote from King Charles III’s tribute to her that tallies with what we are saying about tradition and progress:

“In her life of service we saw that abiding love of tradition, together with that fearless embrace of progress, which make us great as Nations.” King Charles III.

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