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Region 5 Youth Games is an Incentive to Malawi

By Priscilla Phiri

 Lilongwe, August 24, Mana: Minister of Youth and Sports, Richard Chimwendo Banda has advised Malawians to take advantage of the opportunities of hosting the upcoming African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 Youth Games in Lilongwe, December 2022.

Speaking at a Press briefing on the State Preparedness for hosting Region 5 Youth games, he explained that hosting the games would benefit the country in revenue generation.

“The games are an opportunity for the country, we are expecting 2,500 international athletes which will be a boost in tourism and it will help in generation of forex as the participants will be paying participation fees and taxes in foreign currencies which will be paid to our government,

 It will create opportunities for Malawians to expand their businesses, they will sale more products during the time that the games will be played,” he said.

Banda highlighted that the games have helped in developing infrastructure as well as renovating old sports infrastructures across the country.

“Additionally, Malawians need to appreciate that the specialized structures we are constructingsuch as the Griffin Saenda Indoor Sports Complex which is close to completion, the Aquatic Complex and six international Tennis courts among many will leave a legacy for the country,

These games have given us the opportunity to renovate our old infrastructures such as the Civo Stadium which has not been renovated in a long time,” the Minister added.

He explained that hosting the Region 5 youth games would create jobs for people in the country as the government would need services from people to cater for the international participants.

“The 14 days that the games will be happening will see a number of young people employed in the country, there will be need for catering services, accommodation and transportation, in all these we will see benefits coming to Malawi,” Banda said.

He urged Malawians to prepare for business so that they are not caught unawares when the time comes.

Minister of Information and Digitalization, Gospel Kazako urged Malawians to be united, accommodating and maintain peace to the international participants as this would contribute to tourism.

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