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The other chief justice was no good… We need someone to take charge like yesterday


Since the new chief justice, we at The Talking Grass have been listening and observing the judiciary to gauge what direction it is going. Thus far, it is not clear what direction Justice Mzikamanda intends to go with the judiciary.

Under justice Andrew Nyirenda, the judiciary became massively tribal, corrupt, mediocre and political. These are the things that need urgent attention for judiciary to be made Malawian.

To that effect, what is worrisome for us here at The Talking Grass are the remarks and plans that the chief justice says the judiciary has as a reaction to the Chakwera Sattar Corruption Galore.

We understand and appreciate that our new chief justice has to show patriotism and concern with the galore but really, as chief justice, it is not his place to aim at recovering the assets with the judiciary. His job is to ensure that the judiciary is delivering justice.

The way he has put it across owing to his position as the chief justice is something of concern to TheTalking Grass.

He says that the judiciary will identify judges that will speed up financial crime cases in order to recover stolen assets as quickly as possible.

It sounds like he wants to identify judges that will have a single purpose of convicting people and have their assets confisticated. That is not the way justice is thought about, is it not.

As we are talking about reforming our judiciary, I think we need to be careful that we don’t completely mess the thing up. The judiciary like the country needs switched on and patriotic leadership. The other chief justice was no good. We need someone to take charge like yesterday.

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