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DEAR CHIEF JUSTICE MZIKAMANDA…Please Clean The Judiciary, Malawians are loosing their property

By Kondwani Bell Munthali

Rarely have our courts integrity been questioned. They have always been an epitome of fairness and integrity. Malawi courts even Dr Kamuzu Banda had to create a parallel court Kwacha Traditional Courts to avoid facing the proper courts.

But now our Judges are mentioned in Zuneth Sattar report. I thought the Chief Justice would institute investigations when strange rulings are made, some not even in tandem with the application made.

No there was silence from the courts.Now there is an obvious scheme. Commercial division of the High Court of Malawi.Malawians are loosing their property.

People who owe other people money, go to this court, register a claim. Within a few weeks they get default Judgement. Boom, the property is sold the same week and hiyaaa the buyers are the same.

Now it has emerged a second filling station at Luwinga in Mzuzu owned by Mnthambazale Nyirenda was taken in the same manner as Mkweza.s.

There are rumours about a filling station on the road to Kawale in City centre.

There are stories about people’s houses.

Many did not report to anyone, the shame of having had taken Katapila.

The Luwinga story is sad. The owner repaid the K100 million with a house. Borrowed K7 million. He lost the filling station with K7 million.

For Mr Mkweza its unbelievable that from K1.5 million Gangata lost business worth K800 million. Did he show contracts? Why didn’t he go to pay the K1.5 million to collect his truck? If he had business worth K800 million he could have paid the K1.5 million. He legitimately owed Mkweza this money for service rendered. Why should the courts assist Gangata for his own negligence to pay for the fuel he obtained? This is a scam. A very cheap scam. Unfortunately- the Judge is the same from the Commercial Court of the High Court.The buyer of filling stations is the same.The style of confiscation is the same Walks like corruption and theft.Stinks like corruption and theft ?Definitely, it is corruption and theft

Ngati a Judge amenewa anakulandanipo katundu send the details to email: or WhatsApp +265999957331 ndipo we will compile for a private members motion to impeach the Judge ku Parliament if the Judiciary can’t remove him from Commericial Division.

Right Hon Chief Justice Mzikamanda promised to clean the judiciary. Here are two cases, that will destroy or clean the judiciary others built for years.

If the public lose trust in our courts, that’s the death of our democracy. We already don’t trust MPs and the Executive with our money. This generation of Judges should not be like that other late Judge who delivered a ruling on a case that was never before his court.

Vuto la pano, a Malawi adapenya. Chilungamo chisamakhale chokomela olemela okha pomwe a mphawi ku ndende ndi kuba thumba lamakala..

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