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MCP Accused of Abducting Rights Activist Namiwa

Action against Impunity (API) claims that some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members were behind the abduction of civil rights activist, Sylvester Namiwa of Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI)

Action Against Impunity (API) Member Wells Khama made the remarks recently during a presser held in Lilongwe Namiwa is in attendance and showing reporters some of the bruises he claims to have suffered.

He said Namiwa survived the attack with six scratches; two cuts on the right leg, two cuts from teeth bite on the right hand, two cuts on the outer throat, one cut on the neck, one cut on the left elbow, a stiff neck and a dislocated left knee.

“It is important to inform Malawians that all the necessary information and trace marks have been handed over to the Malawi Police Service (MPS) to ease their investigations.

“It should be emphasized that the information that has been handed over to the police is complete with names of thugs that claims to have been sent by the ruling MCP elites and those suspected to be behind these barbaric acts.

It is our conviction that our professional and non-partisan police will within a reasonable time frame conclude its investigations and that the culprits are brought to book,” Said Khama

According to Khama, they were ready to reveal the identities of those involved and those that were party to the abduction but could not do so for fear of being seen to be prejudicing the police investigations.

He has since warned the Police that they will not hesitate to reveal such information if it becomes apparent that the police are trying to either drag their feet or cover up the culprits.


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