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Things will get better- Madame Chakwera

By Mercy Makuwira

Madame Monica Chakwera inspects and interacts with Kanseche camp people in Chikwawa-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana (2)

Chikwawa, July 27, Mana: The First Lady, Madame Monica Chakwera has assured people affected by Tropical Storm Ana and Cyclone Gombe in Chikwawa District that government is taking measures to ensure that they continue receiving the necessary assistance to ease their suffering.

Madame Chakwera said this on Wednesday at Kanseche Camp in Paramount Chief Lundu in the district where she went to cheer households that were affected by Tropical Storm Ana and Cyclone Gombe.

She said government has raised K14 billion to procure food items to be distributed to the affected households starting September, this year.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all well-wishers who heeded the call to assist those affected during and after the floods. Your assistance has saved so many lives.

“However, I would like to appeal for more assistance from other partners. To date, government has managed to raise K14 billion which will be used to procure food stuff to assist those affected,” said Chakwera.

She then asked the flood survivors to relocate to upper lands once out of the camp to avert possible disasters.

“It is so easy to replace your lost crops, however, it is not easy to rebuild houses and impossible to replace a life; once it’s gone its gone,” she said.

She further expressed gratitude to communities that assisted the affected families, saying they may go unnoticed or unmentioned, but God would recognize their efforts.

Speaking earlier, Paramount Lundu appealed for more assistance for those affected, stressing that most survivors had lost everything during the disasters.

“I have been told that between the months of May and June, families that are still in camps did not receive assistance. I urge government to continue assisting these people as they have nothing to depend on,” appealed the paramount chief.

He also asked government to allow households that will be relocated to upper land to be allowed to cultivate in their previous fields.

“Some of the villages that had relocated before have two villages: where they live and another where they go during planting season to plant their food, as such, I appeal for the same for these people,” said Lundu.

During the function, the First Lady donated food items to 839 families from Kanseche and Misili camps.

In January, the country was hit hard by Tropical Storm Ana and Cyclone Gombe which rendered 89,000 families destitute in Chikwawa District.

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