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Musicians Union of Malawi backs Onesimus

By Andrew Magombo

Lilongwe, MANA: Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) has slammed acts of hooliganism which occurred at Lilongwe Golf Club on Saturday after sensitive remarks by popular artist Onesimus incurred the wrath of the audience.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency, Vice President of the Union Anthony Dumba says the subsequent volatile reactions were unjustifiable as there are proper channels to address issues of that nature.

“If audiences feel offended by acts of artists, there are better ways of resolving issues instead of resorting to violence which puts everyone’s safety at risk because as a Union we are there to safeguard welfare of musicians.”

 “Malawians should understand that we are human beings prone to mistakes and Onesimus is no exception so if they felt offended, there are proper channels that are followed to lodge a complaint and not throwing bottles which is harmful,” says Dumba.

However, Dumba said MUM is ready for a dialogue should it be found that there was a spate of indiscipline from the artist.

Meanwhile, Onesimus also known as Armstrong Kalua has since issued a public apology following his sentiments which he despised men who fail to provide assorted luxurious lifestyles like money and automobiles for their women.

The Solomon hitmaker expressed his remorse through a statement on his official Facebook page on Monday morning saying he realized how ‘hurtful’ the audience was.

“I would like to apologise for my jokes this past weekend. I realise that my jokes hurt some of you and I am sorry about that. We all make mistakes from which we will learn from,” reads part of the statement.

He added that he is familiar with the economic struggles Malawians are going through as such he  should have done better.

His apology however attracted mixed reactions on social media as some of his fans expressed sympathy where as others scolded him repeatedly saying statements like his pile pressure psychological on men as suicide cases due to financial problems are on the rise.

Debbie Kagundu, one of the patrons, accepted the apology but lamented the artist’s actions at the launch which attracted a star-studded lineup of artists including Black Missionaries, Lucius Banda and Lulu.

 “I am his fan but what you did was disrespectful for we are experiencing tough economic conditions which need no insensitive jokes like that,” she wrote.

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