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Gupta Brothers Arrested in Dubai; South Africa to Start Extradition Process

The Department of Justice and Correctional Services in South Africa has confirmed the arrests of the fugitive brothers Atul and Rajesh Gupta in Dubai.

The arrests come four months after Interpol issued a red notice for them in connection with fraud and money laundering charges.

They are implicated in hundreds of millions of Rands in corrupt deals at Eskom and Transnet, among others.

In an interview with SABC, Departmental Spokesperson Chrispin Phiri said they received information from the authorities in the United Arab Emirates confirming the arrests.

“Through the law enforcement agencies of the Emirati government, we have been informed that they have been captured and they are in custody and so then from here what follows is more cooperation and then we would now start to begin the extradition process,”said Phiri

The Gupta brothers are alleged to be the architects of state capture when former President Jacob Zuma was still at the helm.

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  1. I can see the Malawi corruption syndicate taking a more similar scenario. Word should be told that in today’s Global Village there is literally no hiding place. The crooks we are harbouring in Malawi will also have their own day of reckoning, the evils they perpetrated will soon catch-up with them.

    The most assuring thing in these illicit deals is that tracing the sources of monetary transactions and its recipients is easy. Here we are being told of stories about meetings held in Switzerland between Malawi high ranking people and certain businessmen there. The thing is no matter whatever you do in the dark, there comes a time when everything is laid bare on the surface for all to see. I presume this Dassu guy was sold a dummy hence his displeasure. Sattar, as crafty as he is, took a lion’s share. When these people were meeting in Manchester (UK) the deals were sealed in good faith behind closed doors. But see who is talking. I can bet you fellow Malawians that in due course there will be a trail of people along the way who apparently left footprints in all those countries visited by the principals. Things are being unveiled like one is watching a “Hollywood” movie. When things reach that stage the culprits end up having very bad nightmares, for they continue hallucinating and replaying their closed door deals. Koma chaka chache ndi chino. Sitinati, mipira tionera kuti mwina tichepetse ma BP!!


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