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Will Ibrahim Matola Ever Stop Lying ?…Not Every Yao Can Claim Political Following in Mangochi

By Gift Bennie Nkolokosa

For the record, Ibrahim Matola was in cabinet when Madame Dr. Joyce Banda was president.

He was one of those who assured a Mai not only of the Mangochi vote alone but the Eastern region.

Come the elections, Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP) lost to Professor Peter Mutharika of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP); and the Eastern region including Zomba gave her a ‘middle finger’.

Today, Matola is repeating the same lies with President Lazarus Chakwera. Unfortunately he spoke Yao and Chakwera may not have realized the man was speaking nothing but ‘garbage’.

He said it is now Mangochi’s turn to support one of their own whatever that means. Did Chakwera understood that Yao? If he didn’t, let him ask Joyce Banda or Atcheya Bakili Muluzi to interpret for him.

It was nonsensical and may court unnecessary problems in the Tonse Alliance administration.

He invited his yes bwanas to the podium to praise him in front of Chakwera and script was there for everyone to see. He thinks he can play tribal and religious cards to win support.

Not Every Yao can claim political following. Not every Muslim can win a vote in Mangochi. Yawiyi ayi tagambe ku lisa mbiya.kemisi aji.

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  1. Waleche chawe niusauchi. Wandu wane winji usawi. Kosopeko kusosa kuti akatyoka pa uminister. What a shameful lapdog character of a person. Akutipa soni n’weji wa Chiyao.


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