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Keturah Breaks Silence On Pregnancy Rumors

By Chisomo Kanje

Mzuzu, Mana; A day after releasing her new single on Monday “Chiyembekezo” a well-known afro jazz musician Keturah Milimo has come out open refuting rumors that she is pregnant.

In her recent Facebook video clip Keturah said she is not pregnant and as a role model she apologized to her fans who mocked her for being pregnant outside marriage.

“I would love to thank all of you for the support and love you show me. I want to make it clear to the people who look up to me that I am not pregnant and am still the local girl that you know,” said Keturah.

The rumor alleging that she was pregnant was on several social media platforms and a lot of people were seen debating about it.

Keturah broke the silence and reacted to the rumour yesterday. However, she apologized for being silent for a long time on the issue and that she is a strong believer who values marriage and not be pregnant out of wedlock.

“I was quite because I was working on this song ‘Chiyembekezo’ and I hope you will forgive me and as you can see am not pregnant I was just trying to be part of the song by pretending to pregnant,” said Keturah.

Reacting to the video clip, some of her followers backed her up while some were against the idea of her pretending to be pregnant thereby becoming an attention seeker.

One of t Keturah’s fans, Juliana Kaunda sympathized with Keturah saying she does not need to worry about what people say. 

“Don’t worry about the negative comments from some people, we always love you, Keturah keep on shining our local girl,” Juliana Kaunda wrote on her Facebook page.

 Sibongire Chirwa wrote, “I don’t know you personally but I have always backed you, for the second time you have reminded people to mind their own business.”

“That is why mental health issues are overlooked in the society, it is because of attention seekers like you playing victims of depression for publicity,” inscribed another fan Walusungu Silungwe.

Keturah however downplayed the attention seeking issue saying she is an artist and she is there for the people that love her. She released her first single of the year 2022 last Monday.

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