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NAMIWA: The whole exercise depended on the children’s verbal consent

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) wishes to caution all teachers and health workers in the country to desist from the temptation of enticing children to get Covid-19 vaccine without parental consent. 

CDEDI, therefore, is appealing to health workers to only administer the jab on children who have willingly accepted to be vaccinated and, most importantly, are in the presence of their parents or guardians; otherwise, forced vaccination is an outright violation of the children’s human rights. 

The caution follows what transpired at Nsalu Trading Centre in Lilongwe this week, where the Ministry of Health officials launched the second phase of the Covid-19 express initiative. 

CDEDI officials have been on the ground in the area, and have observed that over a hundred children got the jab without any physical evidence of consent from either a parent or guardian. Unfortunately, the whole exercise depended on the children’s verbal consent.  

The development brings the obvious fear that children being what they are, some of them might get vaccinated out of excitement or peer pressure. But need we remind all and sundry that taking Covid-19 vaccination is a serious health issue that cannot be left to the child alone. 

That said, it is surprising that the Malawi Government insists on vaccinating children when there is evidence that the virus is not fatal in children. 

It is against this background that we urge government to stop copying and implementing decisions that are neither based on genuine science nor reflect citizens’ best interests. 

Today, we are all living witnesses of how unnecessary lockdowns and curfews have not only hurt the economy but also killed more people than the pandemic itself. 

Experts in virology, vaccinology, immunology and molecular biology; namely Drs. Robert W. Malone, Vlandimir Zelenko and Geert Vanden Bosshe, have revealed that apart from failing to provide the much-needed protection in human bodies, the Covid-19 vaccine compromises the natural immunity in the body of the recipient.  

It is also important to highlight that countries such as Japan and India have developed their own Covid-19 remedies and have since abandoned the experimental vaccines. 

Needless to say that governments the world over were forced to sign indemnity where the vaccine manufacturers refused liability of whatever happens to anyone after getting the vaccine. This shows lack of trust in their own product, and we are here forcing such dangerous products on people. 

It beats anyone’s imagination, therefore, to see government using all the tricks in the book to vaccinate the marginalized and the vulnerable children whose immediate need is balanced diet and protection from the biting poverty. 

Unlike in Australia, Europe and America where there are endless protests against the vaccines and the senseless mandates, Africa in general, and Malawi in particular, needs mandatory vaccine against corruption to be administered to all our political leadership to save the masses from malnutrition and dehumanizing poverty.  

Everyone has the freedom of choice—either to choose life by getting the jab, or to choose life by abstaining from the vaccination. It should never be by force, or without parent’s consent in the case of children.  



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