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Court Fines Kasambara MK0.7 Million

Magistrate Court in Nkhata Bay has ordered 34 year old boat owner Michael Kasambara to pay MK700, 000 for using a cargo boat to carry passengers.

The court heard that on 4 October, Kasambara’s boat was coming from Khondowe heading Nkhata Bay carrying four Anglican clerks but on the way started picking bags of Usipa and fish.

Upon reaching Mtawa area the boat started to sink. Efforts were made to jettison the boat by throwing off goods to no avail as people started sinking.

The accident claimed the life of an Anglican clerk Father Kennedy Chilowa of Chilambwe Anglican parish.

Passing the sentence on, First Grade Magistrate Ezekiel Kamtikana found the accused guilty of using a wrong license to carry passengers as his license was to carry goods only and not human beings.

The court then ordered Kasambara to pay the fine or save a custodial sentence of 12 months.

The convict Kasambara hails from Mulenda Village Traditional Authority Mbwana in Nkhatabay.

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