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Prof Danwood Chirwa Blasts Chakwera On Joshua Arrest; Calls MCP a Party Of Blood, Brutality

Chisa in custody

The arrest of Joshua Chisa Mbele, hot on the heels of the bogus corruption amnesty gambit, proves that the Lazarus Chakwera government is in panic mode.

 It’s shaking and cracking. Chakwera is quick to persecute a citizen asking pertinent questions about corruption, but he prevaricates when it comes to acting against looters and the corrupt in his government and those connected to it.

His government has trumped up a grotesque programme of obstruction justice, of the kind we haven’t seen before, to shield its members from accountability. His silence on the matter shows he has no respect for Malawians and for the office he holds.

 A scared MCP is a dangerous one. It has always been a party of fear, plunder, blood and brutality. Clearly a beneficiary of democracy, MCP is an enemy of democracy. It campaigned and voted against democracy.

Muluzi and Joyce Banda would not have arrested Mbele for what Chakwera has. Muluzi and Banda are true democrats, although they as well might have had questionable animus furandi during their time. They tolerated dissent and questions.

For those who don’t know Mbele well, he is what he is; will regain his freedom and continue from where he left. He HAS NOT stolen from Malawians.

He made his cash through many years of hard work. Those you support are orchestrating and hiding the plunder of taxpayer’s money. Shame they have none, but LOSE they will: it is a matter of time!

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  1. It saddens every Malawian who fervently wished the country well when we see bloodthirsty people who apparently rejected the current democratic emancipation fought for by sane Malawisns being thrown to the dogs. MCP with no shame were/are not democratic. But democracy in the country came with a price and MCP is not fit to offset what Malawians courageously earned. It is therefore not strange to witness the manner in which they are treating those with dissent views from theirs like second class citizens or slaves in their own motherland.

    This system of government is there to stay. It will not be taken away from us just because a misplaced political party is running helter-skelter like a headless chicken following the manner in which they have mismanaged the national’s finances. The Malawians they see today are a different crop from the ones Kamuzu met at Chileka. Chakwera and his gangsters have misread the script hence taken the citizenry as second class citizens, the elite and proper owners of this country only being those from Lilongwe. Time is coming when he will have wished he didn’t think of trying to practice blinded, cheap and crooked politics. The benchmark he has crafted is the same benchmark that will be used to determine his fate. As things are right now we are dealing with a wounded, scary, confused, mad MCP administration which will stop at nothing in order to free itself from the self-tied/inflicted shackles and bruises. They will try as much as they can to bring down every person they meet on their highway to incarceration. The message is written all-over the wall that these crooks meant no good for Malawians, their insincerity is confounding, their shameless escapades is not worth this generation, their acts is wholly devilish. The clock is ticking and very soon accusing fingers will be wagging ceaselessly. This is genocide in all its colours mixed with treason!!


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