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CHAUDHRY INTIMIDATES ACB: Claims to be ex-Malawi President’s ‘donor’ and untouchable

Chaudhry with Mutharika

Investigators at the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and police officers are said to be intimidated and threatened by businessperson, Karamat Ullah Chaudhry and Azhar Chaudrey, to drop any other investigations against them related to tax, money laundering and corruption, saying they are untouchables and key fanciers to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and “well-wishers” of President Peter Mutharika.

Karamat Chaudhry was recently interrogated by Fiscal Police in connection with the K2 million deposited into ACB boss Lucas Kondowe’s bank account at First Merchant Bank (FMB) in Blantyre.

ACB said they have dockets for the entrepreneur in relation to forex externalisation.

The Chaudhry family who own a Super Market have also been getting contracts from Malawi Police to supply uniform.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times learnt ACB were dropping Chaudry’s all cases following pressure.

“Chaudry is intimidating and threatening all investigators including the director and his deputy that he is well connected,” said an investigator who wanted his identity to be shielded for fear of reprisals.

The investigators shared with Nyasa Times a photo of Chaudry with President Mutharika which the businessman has been showing law enforcing agencies to prove his links with the power that be.

Chaudry claims, according to ACB investigators, that he has been a big donor to DPP and the financier of Mutharika’s private errands, saying any legal action against him will affect the DPP and the President as he will pull out his support.

When telephoned for an interview, both Karamat and Azhar Chaudry cut their line upon Nyasa Times introduced the subject.

Meanwhile, graft-busting body’s workers have complained about lack of resources, forcing some of their colleagues to carry sensitive investigation files on public transport.

ACB investigators told British High Commissioner Michael Nevin who visited the bureau’s regional offices in Blantyre that financial challenges are frustrating them.

ACB director general Lucas Kondowe, who was with the High Commissioner during the tour, attributed the problem to the difficulties the institution faces in sourcing funding at the Blantyre Treasury office.

Nevin said it is the duty of the Malawi Government to make sure that the ACB operates smoothly.

In the 2014/15 National Budget, ACB received K1.4 billion against its proposed K3.6 billion budget.

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  1. mungonena kuti mukungofunirapo njira yoti mummangire apm. honestly speaking apm has never shielded any one from being interogated by the corruption bursting body the way we see now. chaponda, thom and jeoff wa jeff were all questioned with the first 2 arrested while apm was the president. while now even those who accepted abuse of covid funds and are close allies to the top boss are never summoned by acb and fiscal police. stop saying lies because you want someone to be arrested on political grounds. mcp and tonse are busy creating fictious story to weaken the opposition. its fanny to see deteriorating economy at the hands of corruption free tonse alliance and yet in dpp era we had the finest economy and yet they were too corrupt. very surprising indeed.


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