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Hypocrites! British PM Boris Johnson Govt Embroiled Into COVID-19 Fraud Scandal

…………..Test for British National Crime Agency (NCA)

The British government under Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson has been entangled into COVID-19’s Preventive, Protective and Equipment (PPEs) fraud scandal, we can reveal.

It has been established that Johnson government is involved into COVID-19’s PPEs fraudulent contracts offers to his Conservative Party allies and friend to supply medical equipment without proper tendering processes.

Yet the National Crime Agency (NCA) is failing to deal with its country’s fraud matters particularly on African countries on COVID-19 funds usage. This is hypocrisy as the video currently trending exposes how the British government under Boris Johnston is using its influence to give contracts to party sympathizers who openly thank the government officials.

This expose shows how the Conservative party got funds through pharmaceutical companies linked to the party. At the onset of the deadly COVID-19, the ruling party made millions through such partisan contracts that Boris’ aides including Samir Jassa, Priti Patel, Surbijit Shergil and Munira Mirza have been mentioned in this video recording the ones who were fixing these deals.

The face mask was a hot deal and these “contracts” have been in existence from the time of David Cameron and madam Theresa May. This video was removed from Tik Tiko since it exposed the other side of the “saint”.

According to the leaked video in our possession, Borison government has been tagged into fraud since the first national lock down was sanctioned in March 2020.

In the video, exposes how Johnson’s Conservative Party has been benefiting from COVID-19 funds fraudulently awarding contracts at the expense of British taxpayers’ money.

Soon after the first lockdown was sanctioned, Boris government set aside a ‘Secret Back-lane” (intel) that the friends of Conservative Party and other political connection be getting PPEs contracts without tendering processes.

According to British National Audit Office companies channeled their contracts requests and proceeds to so called “VIP lane” where allies were offered ten times and more to secure deals without political connection while it was not.

Samir Jassa, Conservative Party councilor and former donor advisor to Priti Patel (also acquaintance of Boris, Thressa May and David Cameroon) is behind the fraud cartel. In last summer, Jassa served as middleman alongside Surbijit Shergil to land lucrative government PPEs contracts for company called Pharmaceutical Direct which the duo succeeded.

Two massive government deals were offered worth 28.8 million pounds and 106.69 million pounds whereby Shergil was paid handsomely for securing the deals for the party’s funds sources.

Shergil’s company was valued at 200 pounds but when COVID-19 first hit the Britain, the company was later worth 10 million pounds.

Similarly, in another fraud, Shergil company got 20 million pounds for unspecified services on COVID-19 spike. The question in most Britons are asking; how did the two lucrative contracts landed into one person (Surbijit Shergil ) over-night become a multimillionaire amid pandemic?

In the leaked video, Shergil is seen writing an email to PM Johnson ‘s closest conservative party official Munira Mirza of getting in touch with government for contracts offers that his emails be kept under sovereign watch or safer from intruders.

After the prudent deals were offered, Shergil kept on emailing Mirza while copying Borison for supporting the party.

 “I really appreciate the assistant you have provided so far because I can see you have above helped us in this situation……..” reads part of the emails.

Following the COVID-19 fraud, Opposition Leader in British Parliament Keir Stamer took to task PM Borison on the matter.

The British Parliament moved in and the prime minister shamelessly Johnston claimed that the national audit office has examined the transaction and gave a stamp of approval.

In short this expose has shown how the ruling Conservative has skeletons in the closet.

What they preach is different from their actions. Let this so called British National Crime Agency (NCA) be busy with its internal fraud matters than focusing with African countries whose work on COVID-19 funds are more transparent than theirs.

Please watch this video and appreciate the drama at Whitehall and 10 Downings Street or even Westminster. Malawi is far much better. The figures under reference are very alarming.

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