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Clinicians Pen Minister Khumbize Chiponda Over Water Tariff Hike

Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda

The Union Of Clinicians and Allied Health Professionals  has asked government to revise down wards water rates to make water accessible and affordable to prevent water borne disease in the country.

This request in contained in the letter addressed to the Minister of Health Khumbize Kadondo Chiponda dated 30th November 2021 co-signed by Union’s Secretary Twisiwire Mwakabana and Union’s Board Chairperson Elias Tsokalida.

“We are concerned with recent increase of water rates. The increase has causes safe water to be rare commodity especially to the poor who residents in slum areas and those living in rural areas,” reads the statement in part.

It further reads: “It is anticipated that the increase rates of water will put the lives of patients and health workers at risk.”

According to the letter the decision to raise the water rates was very retrogressive hence the need to reverse the decision.

“We would like to request your good office to engage the relevant authorities in the water sector to consider revising water rates downwards to make safe water accessible and affordable”

In recent adjustment, Blantyre Water Board (BWB) raised water tariff by 40 percent while customers of Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) faced a 50 percent hike and those of Central Region Water Board (CRWB) faced a whopping 65 percent raise

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