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Five More Win in ‘Wenela Fill Up and Win’ Promo

By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza– Contributor

Five motorists on Thursday went home with various consolation prizes during Wenela Puma Fill Up and Win Promotion weekly draw.

Speaking in a telephone interview during the 7th draw that took place in Blantyre, one of the winners, Lucia Kaipa, sounded excited and could not wait to get her prize.

“So I have won a techno pop two way phone. I have always wanted to have that and I believe the gadget would go a long way in the realization of my dreams,” said Kaipa  

She added that she felt honoured and grateful to Mthuzi Enterprises for fulfilling its promise of improving people’s lives.

Several other motorists won consolation prizes that included groceries hamper, lubricant hampers, microwave and a cash money worth MK25,000.

These winners included Pililani Fatchi, Just Botho, N. Chiotcha, Lucia Kaipa and L. Mwanyongo.

Commenting on the promotion, Mthuzi Enterprises Director, Petro Mthuzi, reiterated his firms’ excitement at the enthusiasm that customers continue to show towards the promotion.

Among others, Mthuzi, whose enterprises run the Wenela Puma Filling station, advised all motorists not to ease up the gear especially now with the final draw coming up next month.

File Photo: Mthuzi Enterprises Director Petro Mthuzi addressing the media

“On December 15, we are holding the final draw where the three lucky winners will go away with Mazda Demio, motorcycle and a state of the art plasma TV.

As we indicated when we launched the promotion, all motorists are eligible to enter the draw which makes the whole thing exciting,” Mthuzi said.

According to him, the promotion was designed to appreciate and give back to the customers for supporting the enterprise during the prevailing economic challenges that has come due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

“In fact this initial promotion has been very successful as it has witnessed a lot of customers fueling their vehicles so as to win. It has also helped us to increase our sales volumes as we have been expected,” said Mthuzi.

Mthuzi also disclosed that they will use the same draw criteria for the final draw unless otherwise, advised by the Malawi gaming and lotteries board.

The Wenela Puma Fill up and win promotion was launched in August this year and will run up to December 15.

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