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Ministry of Health Warns Mosquito Nets Abusers

Malawi government through the Ministry of Health has strongly warned Malawians against using Mosquito nets on other purposes that are not related to prevention of Malaria.

Dr. Michael Kayange, the Deputy Director Responsible for Malaria in the Ministry of Health, issued the stern on Wednesday after touring Mosquito Nets distribution sites in Nsanje district.

According to Dr. Kayange, the ministry is working hand in hand with community leaders in making sure that villagers are using the nets on its intended purpose.  He said anyone abusing the nets will be dealt with accordingly.

“We are working hand in hand with chiefs in making sure that people are not abusing the mosquito nets,” said Dr. Kayange adding that: “We have empowered Chiefs to formulate by-laws to deal with Mosquito nets abusers.”

Village Head Mpira of Senior Chief Kapeni in Blantyre said any subject found abusing Mosquito nets by among other using it for fishing, covering backyard gardens or charcoal will be demanded to pay a fine of three chickens.

Commenting on mass Mosquito nets distribution campaign currently underway in Southern and Eastern Region, Dr. Kayange said; “We are very much impressed with turn-out of people in all sites…and to sum it up the campaign is progressing well,”

Speaking during the launch of mosquito nets distribution campaign in Salima district recently, Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda outlined Civic education and Public awareness as a key to deal with mosquito nets abusers.

The launch of the distribution was combined with commemoration of SADC day of Malaria and the event was being commemorated under the theme” Together we can defeat malaria”.

According to the statistics from Ministry of Health.; in the year 2020, Neno had the highest malaria prevalence with over 1,000 recorded cases and the lowest being Chiradzulu with 150 cases.

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