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FDH Bank plc optimistic on African trade

Chitera-It’s a big opportunity

FDH Bank plc says it aims to build and grow long term sustainable business relationships and partnerships with clients across and beyond Africa.

FDH Bank plc Acting Managing Director George Chitera made the remarks on the sidelines of the Pan-African Intra African Trade Fair (IATF) taking place in Durban, South Africa where the bank is a key partner.

“We are looking at facilitating trade across Africa and have taken this opportunity to increase our visibility to potential clients, engage new trade partners and cement existing relationships with its global counterparts,” said Chitera.

As one of the partners of the fair, FDH Bank plc has so far expressed optimism about trade and investment opportunities at the fair.

“From the onset of the fair, we have interfaced with various key African trade actors and stakeholders as well as those beyond Africa,” said Chitera

“The vision of FDH Bank plc is to be the leading provider of first class financial solutions in Malawi and the Southern African region and platforms like these are the doors to facilitating the success and implementation of that vision,” he added

FDH Bank Plc has joined big corporates such as Dangote, as event partners and the $40 billion in trade and deals are expected to be sealed from the fair which include 55 countries and over 1100 exhibitors and 10, 000 attendees.

“This is a key opportunity for FDH Bank plc to position itself as a major facilitator for trade and business in Africa and beyond,” said Chitera.

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