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BREAKING NEWS: Chakwera’s Chewa Heritage Endorses Friday Demonstrations

The Chewa Heritage Foundation CHEFO has become the latest grouping to endorse the planned demonstrations over the rising cost of living to be staged on Friday November 19 in Blantyre led by politician cum comedian Bon Kalindo popularly known as Winiko.

Speaking to journalists in Lilongwe on Thursday, chairperson for the cultural grouping Dr Chakhumbira Stanley Khaila said, they are endorsing the demonstrations because the social and economic challenges the country is facing are also affecting the Chewa people.

Dr Khaila added that the Chewa people also played a bigger role in removing the previous DPP government therefore they expected the current administration to bring hope for better lives to Malawians.

Secretary General for the Foundation, Dr Gerson Numeri added weight to Dr Khaila’s sentiments and denounced all those that are working to stop the demonstrations saying the right to demonstrate is enshrined in the Constitution of Malawi.

Kalindo has organised the demonstrations against the high cost of living, corruption, nepotism under the Chakwera administration.

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  1. Any sane person will definitely follow the same route. The pangs experienced do not see individuals displacement, there are no borders in such malpractices. Malawi as a country is bleeding and requires a diagnosis to survive. Other people might come up and dispute realities on the ground but the issue is that everyone is able to see and feel the pain which is not in an abstract form. Steam is brewing and gathering momentum. When time comes the steaming pot will give way and it will explode. The implosion process has already been activated, hence the prompt cabinet meetings.


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