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DAN LU ROCKS: His Latest Masterpiece Mapazi Dominates Airwaves

Dan Lu has every reason to smile

Malawi’s celebrated artist Dan Lu’s hit ‘Mapazi’ has mesmerized the airwaves as it continues to enjoy massive airplay from both local and international media houses, the publication has learnt.

The track ‘Mapazi’ which was released on September, 10 is a warning to people to be mindful of ‘fake’ friends, who according to the song have the potential to ruin ones’ life completely.

‘Samala naye uyo udya naye mbale imodzi, Pano waseka kuseri akukungira tsinya,” the song goes in part, a strong warning to people to be extra careful with people whom they trust.

According to the song most of the problems which people face nowadays originate from close friends, workmates and to make the matter worse from relatives whom we put out trust on.

In the song Dan Lu narrates how some peoples have lost their jobs, marriages and business after being betrayed by their so called ‘Friends’ as refereed to ‘Satana Ali ndi Mapazi’ in the song.

Dan Lu sharing notes with his manager

“..Nkhani zina sibwino kungozikhutula zonse, munthu ndi woyipa akhoza kukuliza opanda chisoni…,” so goes another verse in the song, to sum it up the song tackles real life issues.

Speaking in an interview Dan Lu expressed excitement on how people have received the ‘Mapazi’ Track.

“The response is very awesome and overwhelming, I’ m receiving phone calls and messages from people from all walks of life appreciating the master piece,” said Lufani while thanking his fans for their continued support.

The master piece Mapazi was produced by Tricky Beats and can be downloaded on and other music sites in the country.

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