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A-list artists and DJs to grace Summer Hangout at Anchors Lounge in BT

Barry One: One of the artists to star

The much-anticipated Summer Hangout, organized by Anchors Lounge situated in the old Sunnyside Lodge compound in Blantyre, will take place on Saturday November 28, featuring the most-sought after acts on the Malawi urban music scene.

The line-up includes Tay Grin, Phyzix, Kell Kay, Tuno, Hyphen, Barryone, Piksy and Nyasapiano. But that is not all as the performances will be complemented by DJs such as DJ Flame, DJ Trick and DJ Ronnie.

One of the organisers of the Summer Hangout Mathambo Lowole said all is set for the event.

“We want to give the people the best, this is the time. Since Anchors Lounge was launched, our clients have been asking for something big and we have responded by giving them what they have been asking for,” he said.

Lowole said Anchors Lounge is convenient for those who love chilling. “Anchors Lounge was established to provide the space for people to chill. It is one of the best in Blantyre. There is no compromise on the quality of what is offered at Anchors Lounge. The Summer Hangout will give a lot of people the opportunity to see what Anchors Lounge is all about,” he said.

Apart from the performances, Anchors Lounge has joined hands with the artists and DJs to condemn acts of violence against women and girls.

Mathambo Lowole: We want to take this opportunity to speak strongly against any kind of violence against women and girls

“The main reason for the Summer Hangout is to provide entertainment but we cannot ignore what is happening around us. The reported cases of rape and defilement in Malawi are very worrisome. We want to take this opportunity to speak strongly against any kind of violence against women and girls,” Lowole said.

Piksy, one of the artists who will perform, said he is looking forward to the Summer Hangout.

“I am ready to join fellow artists and provide the entertainment. We exist because of our fans. Most importantly, we have a platform which can be used to amplify the voices of the people, the cry of women and girls who face different kinds of abuse. As an artist, I strongly condemn any form of violence against women and girls,” Piksy said.

The Summer Hangout will start around 11:00am until 7.00pm. After the performances, there will be an after-party at the same venue.

To be part of this big event, patrons will pay K4,000 each while doubles would pay K6,000.

Anchors Lounge is situated in the old SunnySide Lodge compound.

Phyzix: Set to perform this Saturday

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