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TNM Holds Sports Day

By Mc Donald Chapalapata, a Contributor

A game of Boxing in progress

TNM plc employees across the country on Saturday held the first ever Sports Day in Blantyre where they competed in different sports disciplines as part of the company’s health week.

TNM has been observing a health week from week from 2-6 November, 2020 dubbed ‘NdiZotheka kukhala wathanzi’ where it is focusing on employee awareness campaign of maintaining and improving healthy living through proper diet, exercises, stress management and illness prevention.

Basketball match in progress

The TNM Sports day saw employees from all the regions of the country converging at College of Medicine Sports Grounds in Blantyre where they competed in football, netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Boxing, Swimming, Bawo, Chess, Draughts, Pool, tag of war, lawn tennis and others.

TNM Brand and Communications Manager Limbani Nsapato said the Sports Day was a culmination of all the activities that were lined up during the TNM Health Week.

“This is the culmination of all the activities that we arranged for our health week and I am happy that a lot of our employees were here and participated in the various games that we organized.”

The employees also played football

“During the health week we were looking at issues to do with physical wellness, spiritual wellness, social wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness and dental care among others. We believe that a healthy workforce will serve our customers better,” explained Nsapato.

One of the employees from Lilongwe Prisca Mukhwapa hailed the company for the Sports Day saying it brought the employees to know each other and gel in the process.

“It was good that we were able to interact personally because most of the times we communicate through emails and phones but today we connected the names to the faces which is good,” said Mukhwapa.

Another employee Joseph Chikuse also said the Sports Day has helped to improve team spirit amongst the employees.

A TNM employee ‘breaks’ the balls in a game of pool
TNM employees also play a chess game

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