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Chakwera & His Entourage ‘Bullied’ In South Africa Before Being Cleared 7hrs Later

Johannesburg – South Africa Government has confirmed that it vigorously searched and bullied Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera and his entourage at Waterkloof Air Force Base for close to seven hours for suspected of smuggling Prophet Bushiri and his wife Mary, a development which forced the Malawi leader to land at Kamuzu International Airport on the dawn hours of Saturday.

This follows the drama at Waterkloof Air Force Base on Friday when President Chakwera was accused of trying to smuggle out about 30 people who are believed to be members of his advance team that arrived in South Africa first.

One senior government official yesterday confirmed that Chakwera’s presidential jet was grounded for hours at Waterkloof after there was a problem with his suspicious passengers.

“Although we got an anonymous tip that Bushiri was one of those suspicious passengers, he wasn’t there when we searched the plane. We vigorously searched and screen everyone,” the official said.

Chakwera’s press secretary Brian Banda, speaking from Malawi yesterday, confirmed that The president’s plane was delayed and some members of his team weren’t allowed to board from Waterkloof.

“They were forced to go to OR Tambo International Airport. The reason is that when they arrived in South Africa, they landed at OR Tambo and, therefore, weren’t allowed to leave from the air force base.” he said.

This was contrary to what he told the Malawi Press earlier that President Chakwera’s plane would delay due what he described as ‘clerical arrangements”

Commenting on the development seasoned Malawian news editor and analysist Idriss Ali Nassah said The Bushiri episode at the airport had a funny side to it.

“When the Malawi delegation arrived at OR Tambo International Airport to fly out, three South African officers grabbed Minister of Trade, Sosten Gwengwe, and told him that he suspiciously looked like Bushiri so he could, in fact, be Bushiri.

“They then took him to a side room to confirm his identity, including measuring his height and going over his passport with a fine tooth-comb. Another South African official walked into room, took one look at Ngwengwe and shook her head. “This is not Major 1,” she said, “Papa is not short like that.” wrote Nassah on his official facebook page.

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