IHB Touts Driver’s Safety Trainings

International Haulage Broker (IHB), a local firm which coordinates fuel transportation in the country, says there has been a significant reduction of road accidents involving fuel tankers for the past ten years.

The development has been attributed to series of driver’s safety trainings the institution has been conducting for the past decade.

These revelations were made in Blantyre during one of the training sessions conducted for Blantyre-based drivers.

According to IHB General Manager, Chrispin Mussa the milestone signifies that trainings are serving its intended purposes.

“As a local brand we conduct these trainings to empower drivers for them to take full responsibilities of their lives whenever they are ferrying fuel.

It is impressive to note that drivers are adhering to proper safety measures leading to reduction in the occurrences of accidents,” said Mussa.

The trainings cover wide range of safety issues that affect drivers, product they carry and the communities.

 “Through the trainings, drivers are equipped with vital knowledge on product, defensive driving, rollover protection and health related issues such as HIV prevention.

Furthermore, we encourage drivers to go for eye testing and adherence to precaution measures in order to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19),” he said.

Mussa said that IHB will continue to conduct the trainings to ensure that the country keeps running and improve economically.

Charlie Kamwaza, BVO Trainer from RoHama Master Drive Consulting said trainings have helped drivers to understand the importance of safety.

 “Since we started training drivers the records have been so alarming positively. This has prompted many entities who ply their trade in the fuel importation to increase their fleets,” said Kamwaza.

 On his part, Constance Msungeni, Health Safety Environmental Quality Manager from Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) thanked IHB for the safety initiatives.

IHB will conduct these trainings in all the regions to prepare drivers for a successful year come 2021.

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