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DPP Is Smiling…


Our obsession with the Presidency of this Country should stop. Chakwera is the President up to 2025 with Chilima as VP. First things first Malawi is lagging behind in terms of development. Our friends are moving yet our quality of life is at par with Zimbabwe.

In 2025 Chakwera may decide to stand as President similarly Chilima. They have that Constitution right. Whether they decide to stand or not should not affect us for Malawi has about 18 million people who can become President of this Country. Nothing should stop us from grooming other people to become Presidents.

As a brand MCP remains very strong in Central region and DPP remains too strong in the South. On the other hand Chilima as an individual brand not UTM remains a popular brand across the Country.

Whatever MCP and DPP decides the other side will win. Those in MCP should know that by sowing seeds of division between Chakwera and Chilima, DPP is smiling. The reason is simple no genuine DPP supporter can vote for MCP and vice versa. So Chilima as a sole brand cannot be compared.

I have seen some whats up group discussing that Chilima should be removed as Minister of Public Reform. What people are forgetting is that you need 50+1%.

The best indicator is the Campaign in Karonga. The amount of money MCP is spending on Mwalwanda to win back that sit from Frank Mwenefumbo tells you that as a brand UTM is well ahead than MCP.

MCP is not a popular brand up North unfortunately. They have to sweat to be accepted. This will be very difficult at National level. So those strategist advising DPP and MCP need to be very careful. He remains the guy who can make you President.

If you are doubting just ask DPP guys. They will tell you they are out of government cause of Chilima. Don’t say Euthini boy didn’t warn you.

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  1. Very true. In fact I am of the view that MCP should do everything possible to make Chilima happy. A happy and respected Chilima is good for MCP going forward. What is happening in Karonga is a shame to both MCP and UTM and shows lack of understanding of basic facts and poor strategy.


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