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Callista Mutharika Drums up Support for Mwenifumbo in Karonga

By Jordan Simeon-Phiri, MEC Stringer

Mutharika: Vote for Mwenifumbo for continued development

Former First Lady Callista Mutharika on Saturday who became the latest prominent figure to campaign for the UTM Party candidate for the November 10 by-election in Karonga Central Constituency has urged people in the area to vote for the party’s candidate for continued development in the constituency.

Mutharika said this to the mammoth crowd that gathered at Lupembe primary school ground.

The former First Lady said the august house requires a person who is well acquainted with parliamentary proceedings so that he connects with development partners for development to flourish, saying it is Frank Mwenifumbo has all the qualities and experience.

“Mwenifumbo has served you before as a Member of Parliament. Mwenifumbo has served you before as a cabinet minister. Therefore, he knows doors to knock for development. That is why we are urging you to vote for him on November 10 so that he continues from where he stopped,” Mutharika said.

Mutharika further said once Mwenifumbo is voted in office, he will bring good road network in the area, portable water and make sure that drugs are available in the area’s health facilities.

On his part, the part’s regional governor Moses Mlenga touted Mwenifumbo as an experienced and seasoned politician who has the passion of Karonga people at heart in terms of social amenities.

Taking her turn, UTM Party executive member Chinthu Phiri said the caliber of Mwenifumbo lies in his strength to articulate issues that are beneficial to electorates, saying he stood firm against the refugee camp in the area.

She said: “Mwenifumbo’s passion for his people cannot be over emphasized. He has the people at his heart owing to his strong stand against the Katili refugees’ camp. He vehemently said no to that. That is why we are imploring you to vote for him”.

While Mwenifumbo described his candidature as a calling to serve his people through various developments to change the socio economic face of Karonga Central and Karonga district as a whole, saying he has always committed his resources to developing the area even before becoming a Parliamentarian.

At the event, Mutharika who strongly spoke against use of money to induce voters donated K200, 000 to group village headman Kayuni for what she said is for development.

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  1. Mwenifumbo could have won the election hands down when you look at the political landscape and the nature of the other parties candidate stature. Unfortunately, the UTM leadership shot himself in the foot by going to bed with toxic MCP who have tainted his reputation, coupled with his unfulfilled promises. He has basically urinated in “Nsima ya M’memo”. To unhinged himself from that mess will require an excellent homework which is a tall order to accomplish.


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