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Gospel Artist Onesimus Corners ‘Haters’ In Panado

By Mphatso John Sam

Blantyre, October 16, Mana: After releasing some singles during the lockdown period, South Africa-based musician, Onesimus, has given his fans another comeback with a new song titled ‘Panado’ which has rebuked behaviour of some people of bringing others down.

The song has already hit the airwaves barely five days after release, the artist exposes the Judas-like behaviour of some people who become angry when they see him prospering and living a good life.

The Ndatopa hit maker, real name Armstrong Kalua, refers to God as Panado, a pain killer, which relieves headaches saying when the haters tries to bring him down, the God he serves always brings him up through the trials and tribulations.

“Amakonda miseche/amakonda munthu adzivutika/zochitika ngati siopemphera/ daily daily busy ntopola/kubaya ma damage/kuwupatsa moyo wanga challenge/machitidwe awo ngati Judas/ makhalidwe awo ngati Njenjete,” the AFRIMA award-winning artist sings.

[They love to gossip/they love to see you suffer/what they do like atheists/daily daily they are busy trying to bring you down/throwing up damage/giving my life challenge/ their behaviour like Judas/their behaviour like crickets]

The Singer-songwriter and vocalist, who has used Afro beat vibe in the song, has teamed up with DJ Megi to rebuke people with tendencies of gossip, jealousy, hatred, backbiters and those with a bad mind heart.

Onesimus, though singing in vernacular Chichewa language, but his unique voice and the production itself, leaves audience in a happy mood.

Onesimus is leaving a mark on the international stage through his marathon of songs including Here With Me remix, which he collaborated with Nigerian Afro beat artist, Tekno, as well as South African RnB Artist Usinova and Electro/ Aamapiano DJs “Dr Moruti” and “Dj Vitoto”

Here With Me remix was on number two for five days on the top 100 iTunes Africa Chart and reached 450, 000 views within two months of release.

In 2020 alone, the former Telkom and Sony Ambassador has collaborated with DJs and Producers from across the continent.

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