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APM Aide Chisale In Cooler Once More…Mukhito In

The Malawi Police Service in Lilongwe have re-arrested former president Peter Mutharika’s private bodyguard Norman Chisale.

Chisale Re-Arrested

Chisale’s Lawyer Chancy Gondwe confirmed the re-arrest of his client in an interview. He said the reasons for the third arrest were not clear.   

In related development, former state house arrested former State House chief of staff Peter Mukhito has also been arrested by the police.

National police spokesperson, James Kadadzera has confirmed the arrest on Tuesday.

Kadadzera said Mukhito has been arrested in relation to the controversial MK5 billion cement importation deals.

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  1. Which other crimes did he commit? Bring them now so that they can run concurrently. I can see this guy chisale arrested 1million times because he is the political threat to chilima since he is his home boy and it could be many political veterans for fear of unknown, it might be they perceive him to be the president at one point in time for his closeness to apm. It also seems utm wants this guy to rot in jail because they perceive him as the guy who was controlling apm to the extent of foiling saulo’s dubious succession plan to apm in dpp and as the country’s president. If recalling very well one could realise that verbal war against chisale started soon after utm was born….eeeh chisale is the secret love to prof getu… no no no no! Chisale this and that. One could smell rat in all these arrests. The last theory could be apm’s promise that he would support dpp to the last drop has sent shock waves in the governing camp so they want to pin him not to have the slightest chance of committing to his promise to dpp. Its amazing to see some arrested on suspicion that they stole cement amounting to k5b while someone destroyed this country through violence that costed us k69b. Tonse is owing us k40b cashgate money, k69b in violent demos and k10b dubious court fee. Every government wants to have an upper hand in mra and escom hence all those corruption scandles brought against these two entities as a means to fire its management to bring their own. With the biased cj we still feel unsafe. The guy must go to bring back our lost hope in the judiciary. To be honest we feel unsafe.

  2. bumbling u seem like ua not a Malawian.Dont u know what Chisale has done to Malawians?you shud be an interesting guy urself than Chisale.Come bak to ur senses.Chisale does not even qualify to be a counsellor.He is a std 8 dropout if u dont know him.He cant be a president.FYI he stole a certificate for the one called Penthius Hiwa to join the army.It seems there is alot u dont know.Ask your friends u will know.

  3. I think for reasons best known to themselves LC and SKC fear Chisale. They are so desperate to see him behind bars at all cost. One day we will know what is in Chisale that makes such powerful people fear him.


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