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Msaka Says DPP Will Bounce Back..Meets Mutharika

The main opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the Eastern Region, Bright Msaka says former President Professor Peter Mutharika has assured the party of continued support.

Msaka: DPP will never die

Msaka made the remarks after visiting the former president and DPP leader Professor Mutharika at his retirement home in Mangochi district on Wednesday.

Addressing Eastern region DPP supporters after the meeting Msaka said Mutharika assured them to continue supporting the party to the last drop.

Commenting on the future of DPP,   Msaka said the party will never Collapse as it is the only largest Party in Malawi.

Prior to meeting the President, Msaka met party structures where he assured them of his continued support towards rebuilding and continual enjoyment of APM strong brand across.

Apart from the Vice President, the entourage included members of parliament from the eastern region, National Governing Council Members, Regional Members and District Governors.

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  1. DPP should forget winning again. People has seen through their thieving. We will bury DPP in 2025. Paja mumati tiyamba kudulaso makadi ndiye tiyamba liti?

    • Uziona m’bale. Ndi izi mwayamba kale kulumanako ku MCP kwanuko chipani chakupha. Ma comrade tu alusa ati muthamangisana posachedwa. How dare you telling us that DPP will never rule again? Nde ndi mu democracy nso ngati? Muzamva kuwawa zedi anzanu nawonso azadutsa momangana m’momo. Just wait for demos.

  2. At galumtsukwa just wait and see, I can see another judicial coup d’etat in 2025. The brutal antics mcp and utm used wont work in 2024. Dpp supporters were harrassed and tormented like hell scaring them away not to participate in the 2020 voting exercise. Mcp and utm which are enjoying full corrupt media support were beaten outright in 2019 polls and dpp is the party that has large number of mps who were elected in those polls. This brutal government is applying selective justice to eleminate dpp so that we can go back to1party state and this is when the party cards will bounce back. Its amazing to see how the 1m jobs are going to be implemented. Can you imagine the garden boys, house servants, minibus drivers and conductors, etc will be part of this chilima”s brain child. To hell with your lies.

  3. If dpp won’t bounce back, why are mcp and utm too scared of it? All these arrests targetting dpp members is clear evidence that these guys are scared of dpp. Dpp had no time of killing our democracy because it was not scared of any party and inuyo munachita kulirira kuti muwine and mumaberekana mpaka zipani 9. In the first round of the free, fair, credible and trasparent elections which was supervised by the international observers 3 parties namely pp, mcp and that of khumbo were smashed outright by dpp. The just ended polls you emerged winners, were marred with brutal intimidations and you forced it to be done haphazardly running away from international observers to hide your brutal tactics you employed. If the arrests are done to fight criminality, why not arresting abida, mtambo and his crooked hrdc members for inciting bloody violence? If the arrests are done to cleanse corruption and abuses by authority, why not arresting jb, mia, kasambala, kachale, etc, for the capital hill massive plunder in full view of everyone? If some are arrested for accidentally shooting a woman, why not arresting others who shot the demonstrators in machinga. Some1 enticed the youth somewhere, someday to kill police officers in cold blood and insteady of being interrogated he was given a ministerial post as a thank you, this is complete bulshit!!! If some1 is arrested for sponsoring the youth to disrupt another alliance’s rally, why not arresting other guys who paid the same youth to block a motorcade and some who stoned another alliance’s motorcade? Obwande tikudziwa kuti nanu mukufuna unduna, pitirizani thamo lanulo akupatsani.


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