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Govt Launch Multi-Million Kwacha Tele-Centre in Ntcheu

By Maston Kaiya

Ntcheu, June 19, Mana: Government has launched a multi-million kwacha Tele-centre at Kandeu Trading Center in Traditional Authority (TA) Ganya in Ntcheu district.

During the lunching ceremony Thursday, Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology, Mark Botomani said the idea behind was government’s intention to bring technology to the people in the rural areas.

“It was government’s commitment to constructing Tele-centres in all the constituencies in the country, this will equip young people with technology, so far we have constructed  30 and have set up 118 structures across the country,” he said.

Botomani highlighted that despite the country being poor, the country was doing well in as far as technology was concerned.

“We have a project called Last Mile Connectivity, whereby 136 towers have been constructed across the country to enable people in the rural and remote areas to have network,” the Minister narrated.  

TA Ganya hailed government for the modern initiative and urged it for speedy construction of the facility.

“This is the first time to have such an initiative, this development will make the youths in my area busy with productive things instead of being engaged in bad behaviors,” he noted.

The Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (Macra) Board Chairperson,  Rev. Alex Maulana said a good number of youth and all the community members eager to learn computers would benefit from the Tele-centre.

“Development depends on the youth and now we are reaching out to them in their communities,” he said.

Maulana disclosed that the facility was expected to cost around K 100 million when completed.

“K 50 million for the construction of the building and K 50million for the gadgets such as computers, internet connection and others,” he revealed..

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