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Mzikamanda Acting Chief Justice; Nyirenda Proceeds On Leave

The Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Rezine Mzikamanda has started working as Acting Chief Justice, the public broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) reported on Wednesday.

According to the article published on MBC Online, the Acting Chief Justice Mzikamanda replaces Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda who has proceeded on leave pending retirement.

Mzikamanda is the most senior Judge at the Supreme Court of Appeal after Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and Justice of Appeal Edward Twea and three others who are all proceeding on leave pending retirement.

Public Service Conditions for Judicial Officers do not provide for buying-off or commutation of leave days.

Both the Chief Justice Nyirenda and Justice of Appeal Twea have their leave days in excess of over 500 days which would take them beyond their retirement age.

According to our Judiciary sources, Mzikamanda has assumed office because constitutionally, in the absence of a substantive Chief Justice, the most senior Judge of Appeal takes over the responsibilities of the top Judge as processes of identifying a replacement for the Chief Justice take place.

This is not the first time that a serving Chief Justice has gone on leave pending retirement as previous holders of the office namely Justices Lovemore Munlo and Anastasia Msosa left office in a similar fashion.

Mzikamanda, a Chewa by tribe from Lilongwe district, was appointed Judge of the High Court in 1997 after serving for many years in the Magistrate Court. He also served as the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau in 2013.

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  1. Thanks mr kenyatta for abiding with the law. Mcp lawyers must stop feeding the world with lies. These hypocrites were demonstrating for seperation of power yesterday and yet they are the ones who created this whole mess. They think they can go smart undetected. Is pouring death threats on the presiding judges over the elections case while waving bloody hands to them and towering over two fresh murdered police officers a seperation of power? Eh he, what about standing with wierd shouting on burnt security armoured vehicle and burnt shops, schools and security houses all shown to kenyatta to tremble before entering the court room, is this the seperation of power? We want modekai and mij to answer us. When ever mcp does evil the whole world remain silent but, when dpp mistakenly is involved in a slightest terror act the whistle blower is heard and echoed by both amnesty and pac. You know why? Mcp is not a political party but a cult. Whistle blowers shun away from any bloody acts committed by mcp because they either are afraid of being targeted or they know that mcp was created for that and has an approval from devil to carry out such a business. As you can see mcp is licensed to kill while dpp gets the criticisms because it is associated with light and the GOD’s shelter where the oppressed and those in fear of there lives should run to for refugee no wonder all those constitution bleaching, the judges knew that if we say dpp and mec were on the wrong side our dear lives and property will be spared but if they had condemned mcp, mai wawaye, that could be their end. Everything associated with this mcp cult turns evil. They start by making praises of mcp atrocities and their fearess dictator kamuzu. Then they join the killing prowl. Look at chilima and mia who were true democrats, are now turning into bloody monsters. Chilima started by praising kamuzu on his commemmoration day and later on he passed the test of shedding blood by shooting those innocent citizens enjoying their birth right of demonstrating. Chakwera, the reknowned pastor has turned evil and became the ferocious monster after his joining of this cult. Msundwe youth and dowa have both been infected by its illness and they can kill any human in opposition to this cult. Chimwendo and msunagama are senior priests in this cult. Malawians be more careful and brave. Don’t let this cult ascend to power we will all become evil and our democracy will be terminated. Lets vanquish it in the ballot.


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